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AEIS4U is an AI-based learning platform by EduCare4u. This platform aims to provide students with adequate help and information in preparation for the AEIS Examination.

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Track Your Progress And Identify Gaps

Our analytically created reports help students monitor their learning curve and pinpoints the strengths and weaknesses of each for better question bank creation. Students can work to enhance their strengths and improve on their weaknesses.

AEIS Syllabus Curated Material

All classes are recorded to allow students to rewatch lessons and review complex concepts according to their own schedules.

Hybrid Lessons To Aid Learning

To incorporate both ideas and content into the online lessons, our experienced tutors employ a variety of teaching techniques. This interactive e-learning tuition environment allows students to clarify their doubts immediately during live lessons.

Take Charge Of Your Learning

Essential AEIS exam skills are taught to students, including time management, handling optical answer sheets and memory techniques based on the latest AEIS syllabus.

The Course Aims To Provide The Learner With The Knowledge And Examination Skills To Pass The AEIS Examination.

The course is modelled closely after the AEIS Examination format.

Comprehensively understand and adhere to the demands of the current English and Mathematics AEIS Examination
Taught by experienced AEIS tutors, the AEIS Examination will be of no problem to our students.
Become confident
Build confidence in the use of the English Language and Maths Problem-Solving.
Be ready
Be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge for entrance into a Singapore Government School.

Unlimited Access

Gain unlimited access to our questions banks, mock papers and lesson recordings. All the materials are ready for you to use at your own convenience.

Up to 72 Hours of Live Lesson

Register for our live lessons and clarify your doubts immediately with our professional tutors.

Chat Group with Teachers

Keep up to date with your child’s progress and allow your children to ask questions and aid their learning with teachers to assist them.

AI Assessment

Using cutting edge technology that identifies strengths and weaknesses of your child, we are able to curate assessments based on your child’s progress.

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Attend a free trial lesson and decide if we are the right choice for you! We want the best for you as much as you do!

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