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Achieve your Goals with EduCare4u

Since 2002, we at EduCare4u have helped more than 1,500 foreign students in Asia to manage their transition and realise their dreams – regardless of geography. As a professional education management company, we can help your child to:

  • Apply to suitable schools
  • Meet the expectations of a different academic system
  • Adapt to unfamiliar cultures and make new friends
  • Develop good character and life-long skills

This personalised service ensures that parents enjoy peace of mind knowing that the child is in good hands while they are studying abroad in Singapore.

Founder, Miss Alvina Khoo



A school teacher by training and Masters (MBA) graduate from the University of Hull (UK), Miss Alvina Khoo set up EduCare4u in 2002. She was inspired by her experience caring for Vietnamese children and orphans with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, to design a unique family style education, tuition and guardianship programme for foreign students in Singapore. In recognition of her passion and dedication in her field, she was awarded the Service to Education Award from the Ministry of Education in 2010 and the Spirit of Enterprise Award in 2018.


EduCare4u tutors are highly qualified and experienced. They not only excel in explaining concepts and principles, but are also trained to tactfully nurture and care for our students. Most of them are Singaporean tutors and ex-school teachers who are familiar with the Singapore education system.

Our tutors have been very successful in preparing our students for entry to government and international schools, as well as PSLE and ‘O’ Levels examinations. Many of them have progressed to top schools such as Dunman High School, River Valley High School, Raffles Institution, Anglo-Chinese Junior College etc. Our students had been offered places in prestigious universities such as Cambridge, Oxford, King's College and UC Berkeley. Much can be credited to the strong academic knowledge of passionate tutors, who empower the children academically as they steer and propel them forward in their educational pathway. Most students come to us with weak English skills, but we generally see great improvements in their proficiency within a short period of time. We have received many words of appreciation and compliments from parents and they have referred many students to us.


Our programme covers a wide range of needs from AEIS tuition and admission to international schools to pre-university subjects.

Our lessons emphasise the elements of English such as listening, reading and writing. Our bilingual staff will communicate with students in English and develop their habit of using English in daily life. We progress from the basics according to their level.

Other than government schools, Singapore has many other options for schooling, each with their own merits. A good English foundation can be achieved through schooling in Singapore, helping students in their pursuit of further education overseas.

Our Awards 奖项

Spirit of Enterprise Award, 2018

Service to Education Award, Ministry of Education (MOE), 2010

Our Testimonials 推荐信


Business entrepreneur in education

“In 2010, under the recommendation of Far East Organisation, my parents found EduCare4u for my transition into Singapore’s education system. Within two months, I managed to pass the school admission tests and interview and successfully enrolled in Hwa Chong International School. After graduation, I received an acceptance letter from University of California, Irvine. Upon hearing of my experience, relatives and family friends in my hometown approached my parents for recommendation for their children to study in Singapore. Naturally, we referred them to EduCare4u as my experience showed that it is a successful and replicable process. This included my cousin, the children of two of my father’s ex-classmates and an acquaintance who wished to come to Singapore for studies. Under EduCare4u’s guidance, all of my friends did very well academically and socially, and have proceeded to universities in US, Australia and Singapore."


Canadian International School (From Grade 8 to IB Year 12)

“In Jan 2014, I graduated from Grade 8. During the winter holidays, my family and I travelled to Singapore. At the time, I had no intention to study in Singapore, but in that short time we realised that Singapore has a beautiful environment, good law enforcement and a peaceful society. Thus, we made the decision to enrol in a Singapore school. With my friends' support, my mother found me a guardian. I came to know the teachers here, as well as many students from other countries. Alvina is a graduate of the University of Hull; she has been active in providing educational services. As my English proficiency was not very good initially, I studied at SSTC's language school for half a year. I would go to Educare4u for tuition after classes. Under their tutelage, I was offered a place in CIS. I was well taken care of during my stay, as my laundry, meals and cleaning were all taken care of. Today, I am well-acclimatised to the learning and living environment in Singapore. Alvina has been a constant source of support. I feel at home here. If I was given another chance, I would make the same decision to study here."


Chulalongkorn University

“I have been under the care of EduCare4u since the age of 12. By attending the Summer Camps organised by EduCare4u yearly, my English proficiency has greatly improved. Teacher Alvina has played a big part in grooming and nurturing me all these years. I will never forget the personalised “exploration maps” that Teacher Alvina crafted out for me every time I was there for the camp. I would explore different parts of Singapore based on the map. While I was travelling around Singapore, I was constantly seeing and learning new things. Alvina has made learning less of a chore and so much more fun and meaningful for me. Eventually, two of my younger siblings were also entrusted to Alvina. One of them is called Jade, she was shy and introverted but after going through the Summer Camp program, she grew to become a confident and independent lady. The exposure and the adaptation skills that she gained from the Summer Camp in Singapore gave her the leap of faith to go for a 10 months overseas exchange in China. My second sister, Ruby, also signed up for the camp by EduCare4u. She became more confident and independent and she went for a 1-year camp in Argentina where she learnt Spanish. This would not have been possible without her first camp experience in Singapore. Now, I am teaching and pursuing my PhD at Chulalongkorn University. My family and I have still maintained a close relationship with Alvina even since I left Educare4u to pursue my degree."


Nanyang Polytechnic

“The first time my dad mentioned about me going to study in Singapore, the whole family opposed the idea. I had not been to Singapore then so it was an unfamiliar environment. They felt that I was too young to be sent abroad alone and too immature to take care of myself. However, my father was insistent. In August 2011 when I first landed in Singapore my first impression was a clean and tidy city. Our banker introduced us to Ms Xu. Ms Xu enthusiastically guided me on the educational roadmap. Staying with her was a great help for me as a newcomer. The meals were very tasty and healthy and I adapted quickly. She taught us how to have a balanced study life and cared for my safety as well as my physical and mental needs. Together with her teachers, she handled my school and education matters and I was successfully admitted to a government school before proceeding to polytechnic. Studying in Singapore under Ms Xu's care is definitely the right choice."

Mother of Steven

“We came to Singapore in July 2013. Steven started the homestay and intensive tuition programme with EduCare4u on 1 August. After 2 months of meticulous preparation with the tutors, he took part in the AEIS in October and was successfully posted to a government primary school in December. After enrolment in Cantonment Primary School, he continued to attend weekly tuition sessions with EduCare4u. During his PSLE year in 2017, Steven was complacent in his studies, but with their timely and patient intervention, he was brought back on the right track. Steven achieved an outstanding PSLE aggregate score of 258 (3 A* and 1 A), allowing him to qualify for the top secondary schools in Singapore such as Raffles Institution, although he chose to enrol in another top school of his preference, Dunman High School. All this was made possible by the proper guidance and effective teaching of the team at EduCare4u. Not only do they guide the students academically, they also emphasised on good manners and positive daily routines. I am very grateful to the team led by Alvina and Steven will continue to attend their tuition sessions for his secondary school years."

Testimonial from our Partner, FT Consulting Pte Ltd


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